Motori Asynchronous Self-braking
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Asynchronous Self-braking


  • Closed, external ventilation
  • Squirrel cage rotor
  • Brake units in both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC)

All standard motors are available with brake


All ELMOR® motors, both three-phase and single-phase, are available with brake. These motors, on the nondrive end, are equipped with a electro-magnetic springpressure brake with negative action. In absence of power supply, the brake stops the motor instantly (see tables).

The brake is attached to the motor through a cast-iron rear cover.

The shafts of these motors are made by a special steel.


Direct current Brake “DC”

The direct current brakes are powered through a rectifier, usually connected to the motor terminal board. We use an high-speed rectifier.


Alternating current Brake “AC”

The alternating current brakes are usually powered through the motor terminal board. Upon request, we can provide additional terminal board.


Brake motors serie S

The brakes Series S feature a reduced braking torque, and are particularly used in applications that do not need a quick breaking, such as woodworking machines. They feature a cast iron fan (balanced), which acts as a brake: the fan also perform the function of flywheel.
This Dc Brakes can be powered directly by the motor through the rectifier.
These motors are smaller and cheaper than traditional brake motors.

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