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Precision and diversification of the offer

The Company MORATTO Srl was born in 1978 as Elettromeccanica Moratto - an electro-mechanical company specialised in coil winding. In 1993, thanks to the collaboration with some important European companies, the company started to produce standard IEC electric motors with the brand ELMOR. With its new brand name, the company has extended its sale market to entire Europe, focusing on German-speaking countries, among the world’s most important markets in terms of quality and reliability. In the last decade, the company has expanded even more thanks to the opening of a new factory building, to the develment of new sectors – such as food sector and chemical sector- and to the UL certification.

precisione e diversificazione dell’offerta

The MORATTO motors are made according to the IEC 60034- 1 and have CE mark according to the European standard. Moreover, the MORATTO motors can be certified ATEX Zone 2-22 as per the norm 94/9/CE regarding the safety of motors that work in space with possible explosive atmosphere.

In order to provide the customer with the best support, the company Moratto got in 2016 the UL/CSA mark for the isolation system – according to UL 1446 and CSA C22.2 NO 0-10. From 2017, the company can supply also with UL/CSA certified motors – according to UL1004-1 and CSA C22.2 No.100-14.

All the sale procedure - from the first contact with the customer to the after-sale service - fulfills the norm ISO9001, in order to give the customer the best quality ever in terms of product and service.


Our must?


The collaboration with customer allows production of motors in accordance with their requests

The adoption of standardized solutions does not prevent MORATTO Srl from making customised motors, following customer indications and requirements.
Particularly, MORATTO’s staff supports the customer in not only requirement analysis, project and successive developments of the product, but also in the industrialization and production.
Therefore, the adopted solutions result from a real collaboration with the customer. The finished product will be able to satisfy particular customer requirements.

Our standard?

Out of standard

Solutions always made to measure for special requirements

MORATTO Srl is able to satisfy with its own production any single phase and three phase electrical motor request, from frame size IEC 56 to IEC200. Particularly, over the years MORATTO Srl has oriented its attention to those markets that require special and dedicated solutions.

On request, the company can make motors according to customer specifications, with particular electric and/or mechanical properties.



Winding Coil department
Mechanical department
Assembly department

The internal winding coil Department is equipped with modern machines for the automatic insertion of coils on stators. But there is also a section where coils are inserted manually by high-qualified staff – and sometimes it’s a semiautomatic process. Such sector allows the realization of small quantities and of special coil winding in short time.

A new mechanical department with turning centres - CNC grinding machines was born in 2016.

That means that the company Moratto can make also the shaft of the motor, so that it is possible to reduce the reply-time of the customer requests and to check if the processing is well working.
The MORATTO company has more internal assembly lines, which can do both small quantities and big series. Each assembly line has its own test bench: each production step can be verified on time thanks to computer instruments and to the using of bar code.


Social Responsibility

Thanks to the collaboration with Sol.Co., an ONLUS cooperative society,
we create economic and social wealth by valuing disadvantaged people through work.

Solco - imballaggio assemblaggio blisteratura controllo qualità

Impegno sociale
Capannone Elmor Moratto


Solar Energy

Keeping up with present and future needs, having a far-sighted eye and knowing how to renew oneself is important not only for us but also for the future of the new generations.
For this reason, over the years Moratto srl has committed itself to exploit renewable energy, through the photovoltaic systems located on our warehouses we are able to cover a significant slice of the energy needs we need, even in excess in the sunniest months.

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