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Servoventilated Motors

Available on all models, in the following variants:

  • Single-phase servo-ventilation
  • Three-phase servo-ventilation
  • Direct connection in the base
  • Connection with second base


Power-assisted ventilation is achieved by means of an additional fan mounted at the rear of the electric motor, inside the fan cover cap.

The use of this accessory is recommended in the following cases:

  • Motors operating under load at low speed (6 – 8 poles);
  • Motors powered by low-frequency inverters;
  • Motors particularly stressed for which it is not possible to determine with certainty a thermal cycle;


The additional fan is available with either a single-phase or three-phase motor, powered directly by the motor (for example for 6-8 poles) or through a separate terminal board.

On request, the dimensions can be reduced / modified

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