The Company



MORATTO s.r.l. founded in 1978 as Elettromeccanica Moratto, specialized in winding and repairing of electrical equipment. In 1993, thanks to the experience gained during working with some of the leading European manufacturers, MORATTO srl started the production of single and three phase asynchronous electric motors under the brand Elmor.

The actual business of MORATTO is the design and manufacture of special electric motors. The technical and commercial staff of the company supports the customer in the study and design of customerized solutions: the complete project is managed internally, also with the creation of non-standard shaft (including steel, toothed, …) , flange design in cast iron or aluminum and other mechanical or electrical specifications.



Modern 3D software allows a quick analysis and validation of projects, in addition to an easy exchange of information with the customer.

The test room was completely renovated in 2010, for adaption to the new regulations on the efficiency of motors, and for the implementation of new software and hardware for non-standard cycles tests.
Therefore, all the motors are developed and tested according to the standard tests or agreed upon with the customer.
The motors are finally realized in the new warehouse in Breda Pero (TV), where there are concentrated the controls of raw materials, the electro-machining, the assembling and final testing.



The current production includes motors according to IEC 34.1, from size to Mec56 Mec180, single phase, three phase and pole-changing. All motors are also available in brake and / or forced ventilation configurations. For some sizes, there is also a version with on-board inverter IP55.

Our  Technical Department and Commercial Department are at your disposal for any questions.