Electric motors manufactured by Moratto srl, under the brand name ELMOR, conform the international standards of the IEC and the corresponding national versions.

Each motor is provided of the CE mark, in order to  guarantee the safety of the final users.







The frames of our motors are die-cast aluminium alloy. The feet are integrated into the frames. Up to dimension Mec 100 they are assembled with tie-rods. From frame sizes 112, 132, 160 and 180 the housings are secured with screws.



Flanges and shields are in die-cast aluminium alloy arranged to accept oil-seals or V-seals.

On brake motors, the rear shields are made of die-cast aluminium alloy.

Upon request, we can provide flanges and shields according to the customer’s design.




Bearings are manufactured by the best European firms. They are radial single-row ball bearings. The standard type (2Z) includes 2 seals for each bearing with pre-lubrification provided  by the supplier. All bearings are axially pre-loaded through steel tempered compensation rings.



Cooling is obtained by means of a two-way plastic fan with radial blades.  Upon request, the fan can be supplied in die-cast aluminium alloy. The fan-cover is made of pressed steel.



Rotors are squirrel cage in die-cast aluminium alloy and dynamically balanced to   ISO 1940 Part 1, grade G6,3.

Shafts are in C40 steel. We specialise in providing, upon request, motors with special shaft dimensions, double ended, or  in INOX steel.



The windings of the stators are made with enamelled copper wire (insulation class “H” – 200°C) with modified polyester resins and polyamide resin coating.

The impregnation treatment , that is carried out during the manufacture,  uses  class “F” resin and provides high protection against electrical and mechanical stresses. As a result the winding is solid, without air pockets and with high heat transfer efficiency. The other materials used for standard  production of our windings,  are  class “F” insulation but, upon request, we can provide windings insulated class “H” only .




In order to perform correctly,  the voltage should not vary over a  5% from the rated value. When the motor is running respecting the above margin,  the over temperature can increase other 10° C. Normal windings are suitable for voltages of 230 and 400 V and frequency of 50 Hz. Upon request, we can also provide motors with different voltage and frequency.



The indicated power values, are foreseen  for motors normally running in a ambient where altitude is below 1000 m a.s.l., and  temperature below 40° C, with a constant  supply frequency of 50 Hz.

In different working conditions, the specifications vary according to the coefficients shown in the following graph.